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AI DJ takes the airwaves at Portland radio station

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Live 95.5, a radio station in Portland, Oregon, has announced that it will be using artificial intelligence (AI) to create a new DJ called AI Ashley. AI Ashley will broadcast from 10am to 3pm every day, and will be based on the voice and personality of the station’s existing midday host, Ashley Elzinga.

The use of AI in radio is not new, but Live 95.5 is the first station to use it to create a full-time DJ. The station says that AI Ashley will allow them to offer listeners a more personalized experience, as well as to save money on staffing costs.

However, the use of AI in radio has raised some concerns. Some listeners have expressed worry that AI Ashley will sound too robotic, or that she will not be able to connect with listeners in the same way that a human DJ can. Others have expressed concern that the use of AI could lead to job losses for human DJs.

Live 95.5 has said that AI Ashley will not be replacing Ashley Elzinga, but that she will be working alongside her. The station has also said that AI Ashley will be trained to sound like Ashley Elzinga, and that she will be able to interact with listeners in a natural way.

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It remains to be seen how AI Ashley will be received by listeners. However, Live 95.5 is not the only radio station that is experimenting with AI. Other stations are using AI to create newsreaders, traffic reporters, and even sports commentators. It is possible that AI will become increasingly common in radio in the years to come.

Here are some additional details about the use of AI in radio:

  • Futuri Media, the company that developed RadioGPT, says that the AI tool can be used to generate scripts for radio shows, create news reports, and even write songs.
  • Rogers Sports & Media, a Canadian media company, is one of the other partners in the RadioGPT project. The company plans to use the AI tool to create content for its radio stations and podcasts.
  • Some experts have warned that the use of AI in radio could lead to job losses for human DJs. However, others argue that AI could actually create new jobs in the radio industry, such as jobs for people who train and manage AI DJs.

Overall, the use of AI in radio is still in its early stages. It remains to be seen how AI will be used in radio in the years to come, and what impact it will have on the radio industry.

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